Midi Skirts and Rainy Monday’s

Olga already said it; if you’ve got it, flaunt it. I personally love hot pants and short skirts, but going to university four days a week permits me from wearing said fashion choices around campus. Even though I have 8 am classes Monday through Thursday, though, I still want to look good. What’s a girl to do when she feels like wearing a skirt but has to walk a mile around campus with a backpack?! Midi skirts are the perfect in between for women who want to feel a little more feminine and little more a la Dior, but still need to be practical. High waisted skirts that hit mid calf are both flattering and elongating and so easy to wear. Tuck  a sweater in, put on some chunky socks and short booties and grab a delicate purse and your set on a windy day. Throw on a crop top and some strappy sandals and you’re set for the perfect spring day as well! Midi skirts, especially flannel ones, have become my new love. So easy, so elegant and so fun to wear.

Photos by Trey Eckles of Eralphia Imagery.

Vintage midi skirts are so easy and great to find. I got this kilt from Ivory at Forgotten Feather Vintage. So easy to dress up, especially on windy spring days where it’s chilly but not cold.

What are you flaunting this spring?!