The Secret Garden of Temperance

There are cards that are easy to interpret and there are ones that are a bit trickier. Temperance is one of those cards that tends to stump me when it comes up in a reading. The tarot resonates in funny ways and I’m sure this is a hard card for me because it’s what I have trouble internalizing most; balance. The universe always has perfect timing, and Mercury was retrograde as I shot this look (thankfully it’s direct again!) This past retrograde was all about digging up the past, learning from the muck and moving forward… it was rough. Sometimes you have to go on and move forward and keep going with life; find your footing and balance between harsh elements. That’s exactly what this card teaches us.cardTemperance speaks of working with opposing elements and using them to find balance. Battle water with fire, earth with air. Temperance is a card of renewal, a flowing stream promising something better, something easier. I was so excited to shoot with  my favorite, Mary Decrescenzio, after what feels like years of not working together. Although lots of rain made the waterfalls we shot at murky, it still felt perfect to shoot among the flowing water; it’s exactly what Temperance represents. This card talks about moderation, about working among the elements and not giving or taking too much. Temperance is a card of healing, of renewal. It is, more than anything, a little glimmer of hope.gabbi-2Temperance urges us to find a sense of honesty, of balance and a sense of purity with what we do. Not too hot, not too cold…just right. It speaks of being like the heron and find your balance and find peace in a sense of opposition. I wanted to interpret this card surrounded by water, with pieces in sweet blue and just a touch of red (lipstick always counts). I picked up this wonderful vintage teddy from my job, Hip Wa Zee, and paired it with this sweet little robe I got from my friend Ivory who runs an incredibly curated vintage shop called Forgotten Feather Vintage. I was feeling very “Secret Garden” since we took so many photos amidst the incredible foliage. gabbi-3All you can do in life is take little baby steps every day. Learning from the past to move forward. Learning from the fire so you know to add a little more water next time. Temperance reminds us to find our own secret garden, our own place of peace. A safe haven to remind us that once we find balance, everything else will fall into place. Here’s to a fresh start and learning from the ease of the water.gabbi-5 gabbi-8 gabbi-7gabbi-23gabbi-28gabbi-30gabbi-36gabbi-45gabbi-25gabbi-49gabbi-57gabbi-64gabbi-81gabbi-70gabbi-74gabbi-91gabbi-89gabbi-103gabbi-20agabbi-21agabbi-107gabbi-121gabbi-112gabbi-126gabbi-129gabbi-127

Here’s to finding balance and moving forward.





Okay folks, I haven’t blogged in an ungodly amount of time and I know I was suppose to make announcements about why weeks ago.. well Mercury is retrograde and I am the worst, so after weeks of leaving you all shivering with antici….pation here it goes. I just finished up interning with Rick Owens at his showroom for Market Week for two weeks! I was in New York and let me tell you, that is a city you fall in love with. I had an amazing time and met some of the most hardworking and wonderful people and it truly surpassed any and all of my expectations. I have  a ton of pictures from my trip which WILL be turned into a blog post, I promise. BUT today’s blog post is featuring a brand that The Numinous founder Ruby Warrington turned me onto; Reformation. 5[1]Okay so besides the fact that Reformation makes sexy clothes that are swoon worthy all on their own, the story behind the brand is what makes it so totally Numinous (for lack of a better word). The brand was created by Yael Aflalo in 2009, and is leading the way in sustainable fashion. Every single piece is produced and manufactured in downtown Los Angeles and each collection is limited edition, how can you not swoon?! Garments are made with recycled and sustainable fibers, hangers in the store are recycled, orders are shipped in 100% recycled packaging; this is what the future of “fast fashion” needs.  Reformation tracks exactly how big of a carbon footprint each garment creates, and they take note; the idea of being better isn’t enugh; transformation and being the best is.  I couldn’t say no this bodysuit, especially knowing that it was a guilt free buy, so thanks Reformation. I’ve officially joined the cause. 6[1] 7[1]8[1]1[1]2[1]3[1]4[1]10[1]11[1]If you want to learn more about Reformation and how they’re changing the game, check it out HERE.9[1]

As always, photo by my incredibly talented twin, Alexandra Herstik (@alexyael).





Full Moon ‘n Scoprio Woes

Well friends, it’s happened. I’ve been back and forth to and from Columbia the past two weeks and my twin sister Alexandra and I finally shot together..after months and months, FINALLY some new outfit photos. Beyond that wonderful thing, it’s beautiful outside, it was May Day a couple days ago, it’s the full moon AND the full moon is in Scorpio, which just so happens to be my moon sign! Life is extra good right now, and I have some exciting things which I’ll announce in my next post!5I’ve loved having papa sun kiss my skin. I love the gray skies but once the spring months roll around I crave nothing more than some iced coffee, lots of trees and some flesh exposing outfits. I’ve been really inspired by the notion of dressing in what makes me feel powerful and beautiful and all that jazz (which is nothing new), but for the first time I’ve figured out how to articulate what exactly it is that makes me feel beautiful.

I’m proud of who I am. I love who I am and I do believe I have a beautiful inside. But when I’m in my pajamas, with no makeup, I don’t really feel beautiful on the outside (which isn’t to say my spirit n soul don’t feel bright and pretty). But I have a young face and I just don’t feel as beautiful on the outside as I do on the inside when I’m au naturale… I feel guilty about that because I’m all about self love, but I realized recently what it is for me that makes wearing my makeup and a great outfit such a spiritual experience.

4When I get dressed up in an outfit like the one I’m wearing in this post, and I’ve got some lipstick on that makes me feel like a power woman, then I feel beautiful. It’s not the makeup, it’s not the clothing, it’s the fact that when I’m wearing something I love, I feel like for the first time how I feel on the inside is represented by the outside… it’s the duality and the synchronicity that make me feel whole. I feel like the best version of myself, I feel like I’m who I’m meant to be, and that’s what makes me feel beautiful. I feel like there’s an equilibrium between how I feel I look on the inside that’s represented on the outside, and you know, that’s a pretty great thing to be able to articulate! So here’s to my incredible twin sister, papa sun and an outfit and some photos that make me feel like a bombshell.3 2 16111098712Shorts: H&M// Top and Shoes: Urban Outfitters// Bag: Dolls Kill// Hat: Vintage// Glasses: Nasty Gal13                                                        Wear what makes you feel beautiful.

Happy Full Moon ghosties!


All photos: Alexandra Herstik (@alexyael)

Friday’s are for Ace of Cups

I love the tarot because after building a relationship with the deck weird things start to happen…like very strange things. You’ll shuffle a deck really, really well only to have the same exact card that just fell out of the deck mid-shuffle come up. Or, you’ll think about how you don’t pull a card a lot and then pull it. Or, perhaps, you’ll draw a card of the day in the morning, go about your day, come home,  decide you want to blog about a tarot card, put the card back in the deck, reshuffle the deck and pull the same exact card as you did that morning. Sometimes you can’t ignore the signs (especially when they’re pretty much cosmic and probably coming from the universe.)  So , today I’m blogging about the Ace of Cups.


Yoshitaka Amano

Ah, the Ace of Cups. The card of new emotional beginnings, a card that sings of new love. The whole uncanny tarot thing also manages to go back to the idea that you pull cards that really speak to where you are in the moment, even if you don’t want to admit it. For the first time since September I’m in a place where everything feels new and fresh and free. I’ve come back from London, we sold our house, I know I’ll be in New York City for at least a little (interning with Rick Owens for Market Week!). There’s just this whole feeling that things are shifting and changing and transforming, especially with matters of the heart. I found some comfort before I left, in someone who I thought would eventually become a semi- permanent fixture in my life. Things never go as planned though. Life is tricky and distance is trickier and sometimes people who are meant to be in your life aren’t. I think it’s important to let go of what doesn’t serve you but I’m also the head gal to tell you that the universe is working in your highest favor, and that if things and people are meant to be in your life in the future…they will be. So you know what? For now,  I’m basking in the unknown, and floating in the sweet abyss that is transformation and new beginnings.

ace 2And then.. the Ace of Cups shows up. With its beautiful chalice and water and wonderful promise of new beginnings. There’s love in the air! There’s a promise of new beginnings! And you know what?  That’s pretty reassuring. But one of the reasons I wanted to write about this card was because sometimes the best thing you can do to channel the Ace of Cups is focus and love yourself. The universe always seems to be working on the law of least resistance; you have to let go to make things happen. If we put all our energy into one thing its like putting a kink in a hose; it won’t flow as smoothly. So, instead of focusing on loves beginnings, it’s important to take time and focus on ourselves every once in a while, so we have what we want sorted out before we share it with someone else. Fall in love with yourself before you let someone fall in love with you (or before you fall in love with someone else). Love all your weird quirks and the way your hair looks when you first wake up and how you sing along to your favorite song and how silly you probably look when you talk to your dog. Embrace who you are because as soon as you do, the universe will cheer you on and embrace you right back.


Antonella Castell

The Ace of Cups is a reminder to be open to the universe and who it brings into your life. It’s a reminder that like death, when one door closes another opens; to have loves beginnings, there must be a sort of ending before it.

Here’s to the next chapter.


Travel Diaries Pt II: Paris

This post is way overdue, but cemeteries and Alien Lunar Death Queen Goddess vibes were pulling me to blog more than some cheesy photos. ALAS, I am finally getting around to putting my photos from my trip to Paris with LCF. It was an incredible five days where I got to drink wine out of baby bottles, see the most incredible view of Paris, visit Monet’s water lilies,see the Catacombs and a cemetery and also see some Fashion Week craziness! This was about a month ago, which is INSANE because that means I leave London ONE WEEK from today. There are lots of feelings going on, so before I can reminiscence about the amazing experience I’ve had in this city, I would like to post about other cities first (I have to save the best for last, after all).

2015-03-05 04.07.1511043336_10152596666246207_6418665879662904072_o11041914_10152596664861207_5236121493722998312_o2015-03-04 14.00.05Le Refuge De La Fondue, aka where you drink wine from baby bottles and dip things in cheese. 11033448_10152595135541207_5948913226813683305_n10379780_10152597045066207_2402230273710484073_o 11025161_10152596661436207_6752028390038668382_nThe worlds besr coffee, which is made from POOP. These cats eat the beans and their stomach acid digests it and they poop out coffee grinds and people like me drink it. It was AMAZING. 11014877_10152596660331207_2622823837710262105_o 10997698_10152596665581207_7039069061419703633_o 10986937_10152596662861207_5259538134653682029_o10857216_10152596664096207_6607979192104704212_o10497246_10152596663731207_4482613091102148877_o10986937_10152596662861207_5259538134653682029_oGot to go to a beautiful cemetery three minutes before it closed.  10857335_10152599374721207_3397459570260499904_o10345769_10152599376346207_8384971936062127151_nblogI was lucky enough to go to the Catacombs and see some bones. It was amazing and eerie and just mind blowing. SO MANY BONES.IMG_1622 IMG_1589 IMG_1586 fb versaillesOur last day in Paris was spent at Versailles. Needless to say I want this in my next life (or maybe my past life, is a past life goal a thing?) Either way, Versailles is beautiful, as is Paris. Next up in my travel diaries is Florence!

Happy Easter/ Full Moon/ Passover lovers.



Tombstone Tuesdays

Okay folks, my time in London is coming to an end and I STILL can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. I’ve been absolutely HORRIBLE at posting, and I can’t apologize enough. If you keep up with me on instagram, you’ll be able to see more of my day-to-day, and hopefully once I’m back in the states I’ll be posting more. I don’t have classes on Tuesday and I decided that instead of shopping or sleeping or drinking coffee that I would spend some time outside and explore a new cemetery. I went to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to think, center and reflect, appropriate on #tombstonetuesday.


Photo of me by Alexandra Herstik, everything else by yours truly

I’ve been trying to find my footing in uncertainty. My parents are moving back to San Diego in the next couple of months, we’re all moved out of our house (which I said goodbye to before I left), and I still don’t know what I’ll be up to this summer. Throw in an over-analyzing brain, a girl who likes to know where she stands in other peoples lives. leaving somewhere you’re finally finding your footing in and the idea of graduating college in a year and you have the perfect combination of lots of things and emotions going on at once (hence this horridly long run on sentence). So, I decided to do what I do best; get lost in my thoughts and wander around in a cemetery and think and all that stuff.

An Afternoon copy

Photo of me by Alexandra Herstik, everything else by yours truly

I’m a firm believer in taking time to connect to something, whether it’s art or the earth, religion or the universe.. I don’t think feeling isolated and small will serve you, especially if you let it overtake you. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means for me to believe in something else and I’ve been trying to find that sweet spot where presence, connection and surrender meld into one. I believe in reincarnation, and I think that the idea of something after I die makes me grateful for every aspect of this life, including the idea that one day there will be something else, that one day (in many, many, MANY, years) when I die, it won’t be the end. By seeing death as a new beginning I’m left feeling more grateful for everything that I have and everything that I will have, in this life and the next.I decided to connect to my spirit guides and my own intuition and the universe today, inspired by the idea of gratuity and death and new beginnings. The best way I could think to do this was to explore a new place. I spent a little time in the cemetery and I think it was exactly what I needed. I love cemeteries for a few reasons, but especially because I like thinking about how each grave must hold an endless amount of stories by its inhabitant. Old graves hold secrets and stories from a world I’ve never even known, and if that’s not something that makes you think…I also think there’s something beautiful about going back to the earth, and I think that cemeteries hold a sort of veil and energy that’s not found anywhere else. Also, the romantic side of me thinks that true love is being buried next to the person you love.Anyway, it was beautiful and sunny and windy and the crows and birds kept me company. I left feeling lightheaded from all the energy and connected… sometimes that’s all you need to change your mindset.11069664_10152649820101207_4752055735583772118_n 11058508_10152649819741207_7215046054504098854_n11081166_10152649820961207_3443161150832182003_n 11081100_10152649818416207_424294941004413263_n 11078082_10152649821381207_7415094833591180482_n 11076291_10152649825986207_7673953172657434180_nbackkkk10409036_10152649824911207_2717809318463832262_n21985_10152649820321207_6061204033378854276_n17405_10152649821651207_8681178624411243368_nIf you’re in London, I definitely suggesting taking some time to explore Tower Hamlets Cemetery. It’s beautiful and a good place to go to find some peace.

Cheers lovers,



It’s a big statement to make and I may not be the human to make such a statement but here is my advice on how to be an Alien Lunar Death Queen Goddess in 2015.ALIEN PRINCESS1. LOOK TO THE COSMOS

How do you expect to appreciate this life if you don’t appreciate the vastness of it? When you’re coming home from the bar at 11pm, or from your friends house or the library, look up towards the heavens and appreciate the stars. Even if you don’t believe iN anything, you can at least appreciate the beauty of the night (and the moon and the stars and Mars). Who knows who’s living out there?! Alien friends may be trying to communicate and we may not know!


Have you woken up from a striking dream at an uncanny hour for the past three nights? Take note! Your dreams say a lot about your present situation in life as well as what you may be going through in the future (not to mention what your unconscious may be potentially dealing with). Keep a dream journal, or use an app (I love the Dreams Diary and Dreams Mood app for Iphone ) and figure out what is is your dreams are telling you. Find connection to the part of yourself that resides in the dark.


Need some peace? Grab an amethyst. Need to channel your higher power in every sense?? Grab a crystal quartz point or amethyst. Work with stones and find your center or whatever it is you need to find. A good list of crystal correspondences can be found HERE.


How do you expect to connect to the ultra-cool, astral lunar death queen goddess part of yourself if you  never let your imagination take over and drift off? There’s a reason the imagination is so powerful and that’s because it has the power to literally create and shape the world around us. Buddha once said “what you think, you become’. Thoughts become things, so may as well drift into that sweet spot and daydream yourself into the dimension where everything makes sense.


Want to wear an oversize floral tee with leather leggings, a vintage flannel and a pair of Dr. Martins, coupled with a grandpa sweater and red lips? GO FOR IT. Wear whatever your little alien, death queen, astral traveling soul desires. If you feel powerful in it (and it’s decently appropriate for the situation) GO FOR IT. What screams ” I control intergalactic dimensions” more than a great outfit and some confidence?? Absolutely nothing.


What screams GODDESS OF THIS LIFE AND BEYOND more than owning your own passion?? Whether it’s film, math, fashion, art, music or medicine, having a passion in this life is a gift! Own it. Use what you love and make a difference, inspire yourself and others, create your own reality based on this passion and give back to the world in which it was born. Even if you don’t have a singular passion, do what you love and you’ll be sending all the good vibes back into the world.


How can you expect to be an alien death queen goddess if you don’t think about aliens?! The probability that there is something beyond this life is astounding, so you may as well take some time to think about what this would mean in the context of your own reality. Or, at least take time to daydream about how cool having an alien bff would be (and what they would look like)!


It may be finding connection through yoga, through religion, through divination, through friendships, but finding deep rooted connections is so, so important. Find your roots. Own them. You can’t expect to live an interstellar life if you don’t know where exactly your roots began.


This is simply because nothing will make you feel more like a lunar goddess than wearing lilac lipstick with silver eyeliner. Or maybe you’re more of a inky blue kinda girl, regardless. experiment with how you look. The way in which you travel through this life does have an impact on how you feel. Wear what makes you feel like the lunar alien death queen goddess you are.


Be unapologetically who you are. Ride the crystal chariot you created through this life and the next with an unyielding sense of appreciation for everything and everyone who has shaped you into the god(dess) you are and own it. Be thankful for what this life has taught you and envision your future; find what you love and believe in it without any doubts and it will manifest. Ride the unyielding wave of appreciation for who you are and what you encompasses and this world will give you amazing things.


I hope everyone finds some sense of peace and comfort today.




Original photos by Mary Louise DeCrescenzio and Alexandra Hersitk (@alexyael)

Travel Diaries Pt I: Greece

The past few weeks have been incredible. After fashion week, I had a few days and then spring break started. I was in Santorini, Greece for four days before heading to Paris and then Florence, where I currently am. I thought that I should probably record my adventures, and I thought Greece would be a good place to start. I got to travel around with my roommate Emma and Miranda, of High Voltage Blog. 

1Santornini is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It was off season, hence chilly weather in the 60’s highest, so a lot was closed. Lucky for us that meant prime relaxing time. Drinking “cappuccino freddos” (iced cappuccinos!), eating Greek salads and fried feta cheese in honey and sesame (AMAZING) and just enjoying the beautiful views.  Also there were SO MANY DOGS. There were a lot of cats as well, and they liked sitting in branches and sitting on dumpsters, and even though some of them were incredibly sweet I’m still a fan of dogs. We even befriended a special dog we named “Dogakos”, she followed us around for a night and then we fond her the next morning! She liked to eat rocks… 2You can take the girl out of Mexico, but you can’t take Mexico out of the girl. Aka I can’t not dance when I’m happy! I was in paradise, how could I not be overjoyed?! We stayed in Fira and ventured to Oia (another part of the island). It was all absolutely breathtaking and relaxing. It was wonderful taking it at our own pace and taking the beauty of the Mediterranean in!  I never expected to be able to experience this, especially not at 21. So beyond grateful for this experience. 3Oia, the edge of the world. Exactly what you’d expect, but beyond what you anticipate.  4“A girl, her eyebrows and Oia, Greece; A novela” – by Gabriela Lorraine Herstik  5 6Fun fact, as I was sitting these dogs came up to me, snuggled me and surrounded me with a dog yin yang. I am convinced these pups are my spirit guides. SO beyond humbled by their sweet souls.yoooWe also found “Atlantis Books”. An adorable bookshop that I think doubled as a hostel ( bunk bed, small kitchen and all!). I bought a collection of Steinbeck’s short stories because when will I ever get the chance to buy my favorite author in Greece? Probably never again (or at least not for many, many years). 7Photo courtesy of Miranda Feneberger of High Voltage Blog  2015-02-28 04.24.25Donkey parade in Fira! 2015-02-28 04.49.42 2015-02-28 12.06.05-2 2015-02-28 12.12.48 2015-02-28 12.17.00-1   2015-02-28 12.47.36-2Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetI kept my outfit grossly simple for Greece, we didn’t even have checked baggage! All carry on meant leggings and long sleeves for days. IMG_10892015-02-28 12.35.122015-02-28 12.38.47 2015-02-28 12.48.22 Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a4 presetGreece was the perfect start to Spring Break. I’ve made an effort to be present, and to absorb everything I’ve been able to see. I’m excited to share part II and part III of my travel diaries, through both Paris and Florence. Presence has been a reoccurring theme, as always.

Namaste friends,


Fashion Week Roundup

17 shows, countless showrooms, lots of running around and my first Fashion Week is finally DONE. To say it was an incredible experience is an understatement. I had the amazing oppottunity to accompany my editor at Deux Hommes, Amy, to a plethora of shows for the magazine. Since DH covers up-and-coming designers in the luxury sportswear market I was able see, and review, some of the most incredible and innovative collections that are often overlooked. Fashion Week was NOT glamorous, by any means. It was a lot of running around in the chilly London rain, trying to figure out where the next show was.

Anyway, here’s a wrap up of my 5 days as International Press for London Fashion Week.

410982353_10152581014151207_824650139378283076_n 11001747_10152581014081207_3016012724262615936_n jmThe first show of the day was Jamie Wei Huang. Her collection was titled “Nymphomaniac” and explored the idea of power and desire that a woman feels in every facet of her life. After the show, Amy and I ran backstage and I was lucky enough to ask Jamie a little bit about the collection. The idea of desire and power seemed to be a narrative woven throughout her brand. Very cool.  tumblr_nk37urwFPH1r421pio1_1280tumblr_nk3a540Msk1r421pio1_1280Day 1 included 5 shows, meeting Pandemonia, and getting to go to a show with Miranda. Miranda and I started our blogs around the same time, pledging that we would bust out of our little suburban Georgia town and make a name for ourselves. If you would have told me eight years ago that we would be going to London Fashion Week together I would have laughed. Life is good sometimes. 9 day 2 8Day two was great and just as busy as day one. Youjia Jin, whose pieces are featured above, sent out an absolutely striking collection inspired by a slightly dystopian Alice in Wonderland. I had the amazing opportunity to write about the collection, which you can read HERE, and I was even able to meet her at her showroom on the fourth day of Fashion Week.I kept day two simple, with dusty pink brogues I picked up at Zara for 5 pounds and simple sweater.

  I also got to see the Lucas Nascimento show which was an absolute dream. I wrote about Lucas for The Fashion Law over summer and I never expected to see his collection live, so it was really an incredible experience. 10 11

Day 3 started with Xiao Li, which was an absolutely amazing collection that spoke of the designers unhappiness with fast fashion and consumer economy.

12This was followed by Gyo Yuni Kimchoe,  a personal favorite, who truly delivered an AMAZING collection inspired by the balance between shamanism and science. The atmosphere was amazing and they even played a slowed down version of Black Skinhead during the show.13 14After Gyo Yuni Kimchoe we ran to Belstaff, a mile in the disguising London rain. Thankfully the presentation was beautiful, and themed ” Free Spirit”, a sentiment I can truly appreciate. 15 16 17 18 19After Belstaff it was back to Somerset House to see Phoebe English, another amazing designer who I wrote about for The Fashion Law but never expected to see. Her collection featured incredible netting and intricate embellishment. It was absolutely amazing and I would be lying in saying I didn’t tear up during the presentation.


20 21 223

Day 4 featured some great designers, and was another day of running around. My phone has been very complicated and has been pooping out with the display, and probably the processor, so I have very limited photos. Once I get better photos, they will be posted as will my collection reviews. I also go to see an amazing showroom, which included the work of J Cheng.

2 Yesterday, day 5, was a little bit more relaxing of the days, with just one showroom and show. I decided to wear my sheer skirt from Urban Outfitters with my shell top from ASOS. Working Fashion Week as press was beyond what I could have imagined. I had the incredible opportunity of meeting amazing people, seeing wonderful  collections and basking in the fact that fashion doesn’t have to be stuck up and catty.

Until next season,




Sundays in Black and White

I’m lucky enough to be taking a styling class at London College of Fashion, and I wanted to share some of the looks that didn’t make it to our final project. Our theme was monochromatic and masculine inspired, and originally my partner and I were going to start with an all white look and transition to all black. We’re revising the final project since we wanted to make the looks more cohesive, but here are some outtakes that I modeled. These were all styled by Alexandra Cedervall and myself.

The next few weeks are going to be extremely hectic.. I’m going to London Fashion Week as press with Deux Hommes, which is ridiculously exciting, and then I’ll be leaving to Greece, then Paris and finally Amsterdam. I have incomplete outfits for fashion week which means speed shopping this week, and then I have a lot to do before Spring Break! I can’t wait to get back into the swing of posting things. Life is absolutely wonderful and crazy but I need to find routine amongst all the craziness! Until then! H  one42

I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with love, dogs and fashion week!